Nritya Chitra

In Nritya-Chitra each sequence of dance stands as an independent piece of art evoking a personal response yet subtly connected to each other. The spectator travels through a gallery of varied dance designs, emotions and myths.

In this strikingly beautiful Bharatanatyam sequence the dancers pay obeisance to the Asthta-dikpalas(the eight directions), the gods, guru-s and the spectators.

Inspired from the Indian monsoon the choreography has tried to capture the strenght and energy of the thunderstrom, lighting, torrential rains into the classical contemporary dance idiom. This is juxtapositioned against the lovers who are separated from there beloveds.

The rhythmic sequence, originally danced by the Devadasi’s in the temples, today has been adapted as a piece of dance exuding aesthetic beauty.

These sequences, harmoniously blending of two or more genres of dance, create a reverberating dance experience. In the scintillating ‘Chaturanga’ and rhythmical ‘Dhim Taa Na’ one sees an aesthetic blend of Bharatanatyam and Kathak. Whereas in another piece, set to contemporary music, classical and folk movements have given rise to creative dancing.

The ashtapadi ‘lalita lavanga ….’ is the canvas on which are painted the dance imageries of the pining nayika-s, whose beloved’s have gone far away, against that of Krishna who is playing the shringara-kreeda with the gopis.

A piece of visual poetry….it exhibits a lot of beauty of Bharatanatyam. Demanding dexterity and sculpturesque poses, it creates ananda- pure bliss.

A reverberating experience…. Here the aesthetic blending of the two contrasting dance styles of Kathak and Bharatanatayam has created one of the most scintillating dance pieces from the Lasya Dance Company repertoire.

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