Ritu Vilasa

...in celebration of the seasons

Celebrations, a part and parcel of the Indian life, a phenomenon that makes this country colourful, vibrant and happening. Inspired from this celebrative Indian mood, Ritu Vilasa portrays the myriad shades of the Indian seasons. The circle of season symbolizes the cycle of life, the cycle of day and night and the cycle of seasons.

Grishma - The hot summer
The hot summer ……. the harshness in the air……. the scorching sun rays…..the aggressive energy released ……….. these abstract ideas have been visualized in Grishma.

Varsha - The monsoons
The bright energetic summer dissolves into the lyrical magic of the Indian monsoons. The Indian genius of the artist has associated these dark days of water-bearing clouds with the minds of young lovers, separated from their beloveds, yearning to be united with them.

Sharad - The Autumn
This season in India is known for its romantic nights due to the star-studded nights as well as the Sharad-Poornima Utsav, i.e., the brightest full moon seen in the whole year. In India, Sharad happens to be the harvest season, where the green earth celebrates beautiful crops.

Shishir - The Cold Winter
The autumn unfolds into the cold winter. Nature moves at a slower pace - leaves fall, bonfires are lit and the birds migrate. India celebrates Shishir with the kite festival in January.

Vasant - The Colorful Spring
Mother Nature adorns the most colourful attire in this season. These joyous days are celebrated with the festival of colours-Holi. This festival in the essence signifies the joyous and bubbling mood of the Indian spring - Vasant.

Conceptualised & Choreographed by: Rajashree Shirke, Vaibhav Arekar

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